F-1 Student Visa Program


Welcome to Life USA Orlando! 

 International students who wish to come to the USA in order to take our Super Intensive English course are required by law to apply for a F-1 student visa at their country of origin. 


Life USA Orlando is authorized under Federal law to enroll

non-immigrant F-1 students.

Super Intensive Life 

Our intensive program offers integrated skills with a focus on communicative English including an emphasis on vocabulary and pronunciation plus extra grammar practice.


Classes 4 days a week - Monday through Thursday - 18 hours /week

Morning: 9am - 1h30pm 


Evening: 6pm -10h30pm

Application Process

1. Gather and send us all the following documents: 


  • Application Form 

  • Enrollment Agreement 

  • Copy of your passport and of all dependents (if applicable)

  • Bank statements 

  • Declaration of Finances

  • Affidavit of Financial Support  (for sponsors only)

2. Make payment to Life USA Orlando

3. Wait for your application to be processed (3 business days). If approved, the students will receive an  Acceptance Letter via e-mail and your I-20 form by Fedex express mail. 

4.Schedule your interview at the American Consulate in your home country. Gather all documents needed and pay the DS-160 and SEVIS fees. Please review the document F-1 Procedures & Immigration for more information.

5. Inform us of your visa approval or denial. You can arrive in the USA 30 days before the beginning of your classes. Contact us as soon as you arrive in US (this is mandatory).

6.Take your placement test and attend the Orientation session before your class starts. 

7. Begin your studies! 

Contact us now and ask for your admission package.

Transfer Students

If you already are in the USA under a F-1 visa and would like to transfer to our school

follow these steps:

 1. Bring us ALL the following documents:


  • F-1 Application form 

  • Life USA Orlando Transfer In Form

  • Copy of your passport and dependents (if applicable) 

  • Copy of your F-1 visa and F-2 visa of dependents (if applicable)

  • Current I-20 and ALL prior I-20s from all previous schools attended and dependents (if applicable)

  • Copy of I-94  https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home and dependents (if applicable)

  • Academic transcripts from all previously attended schools

  • Declaration of Finances signed and Bank Statements 

  • Affidavit of Financial support (if you have a sponsor)


 2. Receive the transfer approval or denial within 3 business days.  

 3. Receive our Acceptance Letter and take it along with the Life USA Orlando Transfer In Form to your current school for the DSO signature and return it to Life USA Orlando.

 4.Take the Placement Test and attend the mandatory Orientation session.


 5. Begin your studies! 


Contact us now and ask for your transfer in package!

Transfer now

and start studying on

August 31st!

Transfer fee ZERO!

Enrolment fee

50% off.

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